Directus. Awesome content management framework for developers.

Directus is a free and open source content management framework written in PHP that provides a feature-rich environment for rapid development and management of custom MySQL database solutions.


With fewer than 100 files/folders (99 to be exact), you'll never get lost within Directus whether you're changing content or tweaking Directus' own code.


Accessing your database with parameterized PDO queries, SQL injections are a thing of the past. And with full database backups, item history reversion and no true deletion of data... your content is safe and sound.


The Directus CMS was built with fewer, more powerful features instead of requiring you to find a bunch of plugins for everything (although we allow plugins too).


As pie. Like Sunday morning. Directus doesn't require any training classes to learn (for the developer or the user) due to its intuitive interface and automatic datatype sniffing.

Up and running in under five minutes.

Say hello to a whole bunch of features. Out of the box.


  • Automatic on-the-fly thumbnails
  • Drag in multiple files from your desktop
  • Image metadata scraping on upload
  • Supports YouTube and Vimeo embed scraping
  • Lazy loader for quick page access
  • Media swapping and tagging
  • Bulk upload and process FTP batches
  • HTML5 audio player for music files


  • Control over user edit privileges
  • Quick disable any user
  • Supports Gravatar
  • Saved, individual view preferences
  • Logged accountability for all actions
  • Multiple admin accounts allowed
  • Adjustable user auto-logout time
  • Easy to add as many as you want


  • Drag and drop reordering of items
  • Active, Draft and Deleted states
  • Full MySQL database backups within the CMS
  • Revert to any previous saves with item revisions
  • Over 20, useful data types options, like "tags"
  • Multiple relational field formats, like reorderable
  • Hinting, autocomplete, date-pickers and more
  • "Save as copy"... just one of four save options


  • Secure, parameterized PDO queries
  • Notification emails
  • Minimal server requirements, PHP5.2
  • Built with industry standard LAMP
  • Expandable with its plugin framework
  • Easy to update, just keep your config file
  • Well commented, open source code
  • Copyleft, free to change... for free


  • Control over user table access
  • Structure is pulled directly from the database
  • Add a field to the database and it's in Directus
  • Three step installer, the first is just clicking Start
  • Server details and phpinfo() admin visible
  • Simple interface for table/field settings
  • Choose your own column headers for browsing
  • Use sequential, random or original filenames


  • Unbranded. Make it yours!
  • Your name, not Directus' at the top
  • Choose one of our framework colors
  • Or make your own to fit exact needs
  • Simple and easy to understand interfaces
  • Clear and useful alerts keep you up to date
  • Send messages to other users, or...
  • Attach messages to items

Available for a killer price. Free.